Zion Apparel was established in 2017 to bring you high quality, tailor made African Apparel.

Always being in love with African clothing, we wanted to make it easier for people of all cultures to have the experience of owning their very own attire... simply... without having to travel thousands of miles, find materials, find a good tailor... then needing to bring it home.

(not to mention the stress of fighting with airport staff with having overweight luggage) 

So we offer, at the click of a button, your very own
Affordable, unique African Apparel!




We create bespoke African design attire for the modern man. As all of our clothing is hand made, no two are the same and so we naturally provide a bespoke product that offers that unique personal touch, creating a level of individuality.

With our distinctive designs we offer complete uniqueness; allowing you to stand out in the crowd!


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